Cuando Adonde

  • 1. Quando... Adonde 3:35
  • 2. Hacer tiempo 11:27
  • 3. Como aqui 4:43
  • 4. Voici voilà 6:34
  • 5. Influence 3:36
  • 6. Wellen 4:54
  • 7. Schattierung 3:10
  • 8. Fragment 2:16
  • 9. Brittleness 5:53
  • 10. Les amoureux à l'Aube 6:18
  • 11. Amistat 9:21

Nova Era

Lazy, languid, lush, likeable and a few other adjective beginning with 'l'.
The second (and superior) of the brace of Nova Era albums, it was released to consolidate Roedelius' appearance in front of 5,000 souls at Barcelona's Inclassifiables festival - although only one live cut "Amistat" is included here. In contrast, to that large-scale event, Cuando... Adonde is another of his appealingly low-key 'minor' affairs. It kicks of with a souped up jauntiness of a German oompah band pastiche that's merely unfunny. But "Hacer Tiempo" alone is worth the price of entry as we eavesdrop on Alexander Czjzek's discursive 11-minute piano-and-sax duet in which his and Roedelius' familiarity with each other's playing makes for an almost telepathic music. The achingly lovely "Fragment" and "Brittleness" play hide and seek with Tjitse Letterie's febrile violin ghost dances. With minimal overdubs and production, this is one of Roedelius' best chamber music-type albums.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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