Kluster Zwei-Osterei

  • A1. Electric Music & Text 22:50
  • B1. Kluster 4 22:09


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The second instalment of the seminal Kluster trilogy.
With a fabulously rare vinyl pressing of just 300, we're indebted to CD re-release of Zwei-Osterei (Two Easter Eggs). Opening to a quiet eastern drone, it lacks the sheer uptempo verve of the first volume Klopfzeichen but slowing down a bit allows it to scrape gentler heights of transcendence. On "Part One" the baritone spoken narrative of Manfred Paethe on death and resurrection edges towards schlock horror-cliche. But the industrial junkyard ambience of "Part Two" showcases Kluster's mutated take on the small scale intimacy of chamber music. Stark, clanking sound events jostle with alarm clocks that erupt into banshee-like wails of visceral timbre. Today, you might casually filed this under 'Industrial' or 'Illbient'. Back then, it was music so alien that no one had a name for it (a concert poster of the time brackets Kluster as a 'progressive pop group' - arf!).

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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