Move And Resonate

  • . Voce De Mi Tierra 14:37
  • . Olinia Mo 20:28
  • 3. White Dream 6:34


Deep forest atmospheres, weird electronica and hispanic folk music with Irish poetry thrown in.
Profoundly modern and as old as time, Move and Resonate is a surreal Jorge Luis Borges-like mash up of world cultures that puts you in touch with your primitive side. "We are the music makers / We are the dreamers of dreams" sing the duo from the Arthur O'Shaughnessy poem. The radio friendly pop of "Voices from my Homeland" sounds like a dream of commercial success (it was the first single of Roedelius' solo career) as Alquimia croons over a snappy Latin beat that segues into lush synth strings of "The Human Heart". Things get stranger - in the vein of Jon Hassell's Fourth World - as "Olinia Mo" slips sideways into a dead-spirits-at-large electronica. Alquimia's in superb form throughout with her ancestral Nauhatl chants, pre-Columbian bird call flutes, rain sticks and bone shakers, all expertly nurtured by Roedelius' teutonic synths, until "White Dream" closes the album with a soaring display of wordless melismatic singing the equal of Lisa Gerrard at her best.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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