• 1. Dann 7:42
  • 2. Nackt 6:04
  • 3. Mittendrin 7:42
  • 4. Die Tür Stand Offen 2:51
  • 5. Nah Genug 5:03
  • 6. Aber Ja, Aber 8:24
  • 7. Twilighttide 6:42
  • 8. Was War? 6:04
  • 9. Wie Gewonnen 6:40
  • 10. Sei Stark Mein Herz 5:22
  • 11. Asche 3:59



Sssh. He's not telling. Dark, foreboding atmospheres that leave you guessing.
One drawback of the CD age: the albums got longer. With 67 minutes of playing time, Tace might leave you feeling nostalgic for the days when vinyl clocked in at 36 minutes. This is Roedelius' Kurzweil opus - pushing to the max this synthesiser's portentous tonal and soundsculpting qualities. We aren't told who or what Tace! is or means - the accent here is on mystery. The dark loops of "Dann" stand on the shoulders of a giant. On "Nackt", Alesini's wailing wall sax blasts out of Roedelius obsidian black synth depths with harrowing force. The peculiar time signatures of "Mittendren" rub the wrong way up against Capanni grinding guitar textures, while Alesini solos over this with nervous breakdown inducing colours. "Wie Gewonnen" sprials out of the psyche like the weird cousin of a Led Zep riff. To be sure, a powerful album but some of the tracks feel a tad too long and overstay their welcome.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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