Christoph H. Müller

--- THIS TEXT WILL BE DELETED Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland, Christoph H. Müller started playing his first synthesizer and sequencer at the age of sixteen. After a short career with "Touch El Arab", Müller met Paris-based Gabriela Arnon in 1989 and started a close collaboration with producer [a102875] in 1995. They released music under the names “The Boyz from Brazil”, “Stereo Action Unlimited”, and “Fruit of the loop” and worked together on music for film and advertising. In 1999 they founded [a=Gotan Project], along with Argentinian musician [a=Eduardo Makaroff]. In 2004 Müller established his own production company "[l696267]" for his solo projects “[a=Roy Dubb]” and "[a=Radiokijada]" (an outfit involving Afro-Peruvian musicians). Since 2005 Müller also composed for film. --- TO HERE, Migrate to texteditor field

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