Selbstportrait Vol. III - „Reise Durch Arcadien“

  • A1. Sonntags 3:45
  • A2. Geburtstag 1:50
  • A3. Fieber 6:06
  • A4. Hochzeit 3:05
  • A5. Geradewohl 3:50
  • A6. Erinnerung 3:25
  • B1. Zuversicht 11:05
  • B2. Stimmung 9:50

Sky Records

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Eight more electronic plein air keyboard sketches, now languishing in vinyl obscurity.
The legendary Selbstportrait series continues. "This peddling of outtakes to an indifferent public," writes Paul Stump, "does retain something intimately confessional that transcends mere noodling indulgence." As if his psyche were plugged into Farfisa organ, Roedelius reeled off over 50 of these home-produced keyboard vignettes, blu-tacked into five Selbstportrait volumes released by Sky Records in 1980-81. Still awaiting it's first ever CD release three decades later, you'll have to be a seriously committed vinyl hound to track down this one - this author needed nine months to nab his copy. It continues the eternal flow of volumes one and two with another batch of his percolating Farfisa organ sketches, with a couple of notable departures - the eleven-minute proto-techno gallop of "Zuversicht" which has the energy rush of stallion in the woods, and the spectral drift of "Stimmung" (Atmosphere) rising like mist over the fields at dawn. Keep your eyes peeled for the Bureau Buskies release of this one in 2013. It's long overdue.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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