Weites Land

  • A1. Einklang 0:56
  • A2. Sonniger Morgen 4:57
  • A3. Berührung 2:18
  • A4. Ballade 5:00
  • A5. Weisst Du Noch? 5:09
  • B1. Nähe 4:38
  • B2. Weites Land 12:24
  • B3. Hoffnung 2:34



Bureau B

Elegaic free jazz meet Cluster loops. the best of Roedelius' duets with Czjzek.
By playing live or using live tapes as the basis for studio productions (or vice versa) Roedelius has ghosted between the distinctions of 'live' or 'studio' recordings. Hearing these nine multi-tracked cut and pasted tracks you can't tell which route each took, they're all equally adept at that free jazz strategy of climbing, note by note, towards ecstasy. According to Antoni Robert, who got them to play live in Barcelona: "Weites Land is like a house with nine rooms; Czjzek enters through the small hall, his soprano notes introducing himself, and then proceeds to unlike nine doors. Behind each, Roedelius furnishes a dreamy ambient furniture as Czjzek wanders around in a jazzy post-Coltrane but personal style. He lingers or departs according to the mood of the moment, decorating each room with different ornaments."

Source: Stephen Iliffe


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Re-Release published in May 21 by Bureau B

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