Musik Von Harmonia

  • A1. Watussi 5:55
  • A2. Sehr Kosmisch 10:50
  • A3. Sonnenschein 3:50
  • B1. Dino 3:30
  • B2. Ohrwurm 5:05
  • B3. Ahoi! 5:00
  • B4. Veterano 3:55
  • B5. Hausmusik 4:30


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A classic of Krautrock's tightrope tension between looped rhythms and abstract freeform sounds.
One of Krautrock's great album sleeves has a towering bleach bottle emblazoned with Harmonia - a compound of harmony and ammonia, geddit? Take one part, NEU! guitarist Michael Rother's chugging motorik rhythms, a dash of Roedelius' melodies, and Moebius atonal weirdness, and Musik conjures a volatile mix of mood pieces - ranging from the gargantuan drone and heartbeast bass of "Sehr Kosmische" to the jangling pastoral melodies of "Watussi". As all students of Harmonia know, the trio was never more than a temporary alliance of three disparate personalities and talents, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Morever, Rother has a seminal impact on his Cluster cohorts seeding their love of ineffable looped rhythms and melodies - as showcased on the piano etude Ahoi! - that are so damn addictive you want them to go on forever.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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