Variety Of Moods

  • 1. Muy Encantado 6:43
  • 2. Bons Jours 3:15
  • 3. Due, Uno, Tres 3:25
  • 4. Mattgold 4:21
  • 5. Der Mann Aus Lodz 2:35
  • 6. Albumblatt 2:26
  • 7. Hasta Moderato 15:32
  • 8. Solo-Monotonie I 5:45
  • 9. Solo-Monotonie II 8:45
  • 10. Conjunction 6:00

Nova Era


Released in Spain, with a languid late-night coffee bar ambience to match.
Four abstract watercolours grace the Variety of Moods sleeves with inky blue-back brushstrokes. Depending on your perception they resemble meteorological phenomena or strange flora and fauna. Similar tricks are played on the ear by the bold confident looped piano notes of "Solo Monotonie I" which are shadowed by lightly pedalled sustain that drone quietly and hint at nebulous shapes lurking at the back. Michalak's gently propulsive e-bass and Czjzek's wailing sax are in reliably good form but the mood is sometimes of deja vu given Roedelius' habit of padding his albums with outtakes from earlier efforts. Yet even his 'minor' albums usually conceal at least one gem; step forward "Hasta Moderato" - HIS MOST TRANSCENDENTAL PIANO TRACK. EVER. THANK YOU. For 15 minutes we slowly climb a mountain as Roedelius essays long lines of metrically repeating piano stanzas until finally the sheer weight of accumulated chords finally opens the heavens.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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