Act Of Love

  • 1. Overdose Kills Troubled Actress 7:12
  • 2. Juror Badge (An Act Of Love) (Dasein Mix) 10:22
  • 3. Lexicon Conformity Interlude 2:06
  • 4. Electron Trail Art Manual 3:31
  • 5. Juror Badge (An Act Of Love) 12:46
  • 6. Exile Extraordinaire 13:06
  • 7. Toulouse Lautrec 6:47
  • 8. The Bureau Of The Census Vs. The Nico Zurita Jilt 2:15
  • 9. Mr. President It Is My Desire To Be Free 4:43
  • 10. California 2000 0:32
  • 11. Que Sera Sera 3:08

Not On Label

One of the odd ones out in the HJR catalogue. Backing tracks for anarchist LA street poet.
One of the enduring strengths of HJR as man and musician is his openess to new experiences and ways of music-making. In June of 2001, the poet, painter, and "cultural pathologist" Jason Lynn languished in depression after the death of his father; Roedelius decided to give Lynn a birthday present: he went into the studio and set several of Lynn's 'poison post-card poems' to music. The result resembles HJR's Lieder series - spoken meditations by Lynn over gently pattering keyboards, only swap the former's high German for the latter's laconic Los Angeles drawl as he recites his anarchic Ballardian cut up texts on the wannabees, eccentrics and drop outs who inhabit the underbelly of the American dream. Lynn self-released Act of Love album after claiming no label would touch his work, and the album comes with three alternative cover artworks featuring his anthropomorphic self-portraits.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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