After The Heat

  • A1. Oil 4:10
  • A2. Foreign Affairs 3:10
  • A3. Luftschloss 3:05
  • A4. The Shade 3:05
  • A5. Old Land 4:10
  • B1. Base & Apex 4:25
  • B2. Light Arms 1:25
  • B3. Broken Head 5:20
  • B4. The Belldog 6:35
  • B5. Tzima N'Arki 4:30

Sky Records

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Typical Eno. Invest a sure-fire chart topping album, and then deconstruct it into art.
The second of the Cluster and Eno albums, but this time around Eno takes the lead as After the Heat locates a Borges-ian darkness at the outer limits of pop culture. "We were at the machinery / In the dark sheds that the seasons ignore," intones Eno on "The Belldog" - one three vocal tracks that invest Cluster with crossover appeal. Only someone's run off with the commercial strategy. leaving an album that's 50% pop satire and 50% dark shimmering beauty. "Tzimi N'arki" layers backwards lyrics over the relentless forward motion of over singles chart fodder that'd otherwise hit number one with a bullet. The percolating "Base and Apex" is a prime specimen of weird disco funk. Roedelius plays a cameo role on four tracks, his piano going down the gears until we're left with the breathy synth throb of "Old Land" leading towards the final silence.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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