Friendly Game

  • 1. Amparo 2:03
  • 2. Shade 3:14
  • 3. Genius Move 3:42
  • 4. Strecciatu 2:46
  • 5. Tracce Di Sale 4:30
  • 6. Friendly Game 7:45
  • 7. Kaos 3:49
  • 8. Deep Feeling 3:20
  • 9. Cleo 2:01
  • 10. Blumau Suite 3:48
  • 11. Book Of Los 2:21
  • 12. Fiori 4:58
  • 13. Long End 6:14

Materiali Sonori

Arrivederci. A warm breeze from the south brings a first outing for classy Italian sidekicks Capanni and Alesini.
Like a more Meditteranean take on Jan Garbarek, Nicola Alesini's soprano sax is a rare phenomenom; a foil to Roedelius whose alchemic gifts are every bit as equal to his. With a supple armory of romantic tones, he twists and dive bombs in and out and around the big man's Atlantean atmospheres and nature sounds. We are also introduced to e-bow guitarist Fabio Capanni whose melodic gifts now enhance ten albums in the Roedelius oeuvre. A live sequence of solos, duos and trios evoke the kind of soft jazz-ambient that would sell tons if it were on ECM label - a gentle exchange of chromatic tones and delicate melodies, drifting like jasmine scent in the night air. You sense here that the act of listening is as important as playing. Sometimes a little too tentative for it's own good, as if holding out a promise of greater things to come, as indeed it did on 1999's Aquarello.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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