Cluster & Eno

  • A1. Ho Renomo 5:10
  • A2. Schöne Hände 3:00
  • A3. Steinsame 4:20
  • A4. Wehrmut 5:00
  • B1. Mit Simaen 1:30
  • B2. Selange 3:30
  • B3. Die Bunge 3:50
  • B4. One 6:00
  • B5. Für Luise 3:50

Sky Records

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Herr Eno blends seamlessly into Cluster's summer evening ambient chill out.
A breezy keyboard suite fanned by sitar-like guitar chords, Cluster & Eno has an appealing Zen simplicity, even as Conny Plank's studio became an open house for Krautrock's finest, with egos left behind at the door. Can's Holger Czukay essays an understated bass on "Ho Renomo" while "One" has scratchy sound effects from Otto Bekker and drones from Asmus Tietchens. Throughout the 1970s, Roedelius had the Zelig-like knack of being present at the birth of successive electronic genres. When Eno joined Cluster he was obviously respectful of their modus operandi; but the recurring silent interludes that haunt Roedelius' piano etude "Mit Simaen" plot a clear trajectory to the year after next's Eno landmark Music for Airports. That album hoisted Eno's ambient flag to the sky and Cluster's sleeve design seems to intuit this, holding a microphone up to passing cloud formations.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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