One Hour

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Randomly sequenced cut n' pasted scrapbook from Cluster's Vienna gig.
The CD that introduced this author to the music of Cluster, one dull winter afternoon in the bowels of Virgin's London Megastore. What caught his eye was Brian Eno's quote stickered on the cover: "Between East and West, Cluster discovered a whole new world." That and the minimal flecks of colour on a pure white sleeve (by Rosa Roedelius whose work now graces six of her father's CDs and compliments his music perfectly. Adroitly edited by Eric Spitzler Marlyn from four hours of live DAT tape, this is perhaps their most abstract work. A Cluster theme tune appears in track one but that's soon broken down into quirky clockwork rhythms, burping synths, wacky toy piano sounds and 50s movie synth strings. Something Oriental lurks within these cartoon-time-meets-high-art vignettes - tinkling chimes, lingering sighs and silences which hint at a hidden spiritual presence.

Source: Stephen Iliffe

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